About Us

Creating. Simple. Joy.

Welcome to WestonBasics. We are a brand that focuses on creating simple joy in life.

No one likes doing chores. We get it. But if you have to do them, you might as well do them in style.

WestonBasics is a brand that offers efficient, innovative, and high quality personal and home organization tools. We provide a wide range of products, including makeup pouches, closet organizers and stackable storage bins to optimize your living space. We give you the joy of living in a tidy, organized home and save you time that you'd have otherwise spent looking for misplaced items.

Most importantly, our products come in superior designs with lively, eye-catching colors and style, enabling you to revitalize your home with a distinctive aesthetic touch. 

Stackable Storage Bins

A set of stackable organizers will help you take advantage of your vertical space. Stacking them up creates versatile shelves with doors that you can organize and rearrange with little to zero effort! They even come with detachable wheels that make them super easy to cart around.

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Smart Seasonal Storage

Looking for ways to maximize storage space without compromising on convenience? Beautify and simplify your surroundings and meanwhile adding some extra space and convenience with WestonBasics stackable and collapsible storage organizers.


Holographic Makeup Bag

Under the light, the color of the bag changes if you look at it from different angles, and the transparent design allows you to see where items are and quickly find what you need. These iridescent cosmetic bags are lightweight, easy to carry and store items. Not only are they great for travel and everyday life, they are also great gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Our Happy Customers

I really like these storage bins because they have four corner supports that fit everywhere, so they're sturdy and stackable, and I like the clear panels on the ends and the front so you can see what's inside.


I need to organize seasonal clothes, blankets and other things. I originally used the large storage bins, but they took up too much space. So I'm excited about these boxes. They are lightweight but very roomy.


I was impressed with the sturdiness of the wireframe, which folds up for flat storage when not in use. My feelings about the overall look, quality and size are bigger than I thought. So I highly recommended this product!


I originally purchased these boxes as an efficient storage solution to organize my dorm room, they also match my room theme perfectly, and the durability and sturdiness of these cubes are astounding.